The catalogue of the collection, created in 1996 for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the collection.


A searchable pdf list of the contents of the collection can be viewed at the bottom of this web page.  the full catalogue is available online for a more detailed consultation here :

The catalogue has been updated in spring 2017 to facilitate the sale of the collection to a private or public entity that wishes to continue the existence of this unique and prestigious repository of medical and historical knowledge.


We believe the Library would suit a new university or academic institution studying Medicine, research centers, departments of Ophthalmology or History of Medicine.


Queries from private individuals, foundations and libraries seeking to expand their collection are also welcome

It is important to note the historical importance of the volumes contained in the collection, as well as their incomplete digitization, making this a unique opportunity.


Furthermore, the World Health Organization expects Ophthalmology to become the world’s first medical specialty by 2025 by practice due to the ageing of the global population.

The full catalogue with ISSN, ISBN, and OCLC identifiers is available online - a printed version of it & our sales brochure can be requested and will be sent to you free of charge.

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